Narrative Films

Ranging from dramas to comedies, Neverthought Multimedia has a proven track record of consistently producing narrative films that have earned film festival screenings throughout the country. All the films below were written, produced, directed, and edited by Danny Bourque.

The Toaster That Toasted The Golden Toast
Official Selection - 2008 AOF International Film Festival
Official Selection - 2008 Rawstock Light & Dark Film Fest
Official Selection - 2008 Spark Film Festival
Official Selection - 2008 San Antonio Film Festival
Official Selection - 2008 Tallahassee Film Festival
Best Supporting Actress - 2008 Outhouse Film Festival
Official Selection - 2008 UNO Film Festival

Tom and Buck unwittingly purchase what they think is a used toaster from a flea market, but they soon discover its amazing ability to turn normal bread into solid gold! Unfortunately the toaster wasn't really for sale and the owner sends her goons to get it back!
Flat Daddy
Regional Semi-Finalist - 2007 Student Academy Awards
Official Selection - 2007 YoungCuts Film Festival
Official Selection - 2008 Outhouse Film Festival
Official Selection - 2007 New Orleans Film Festival
Official Selection - 2007 Dallas Video Festival
Official Selection - 2007 UNO Film Festival

A mother and her young son are left home alone after the father enlists into the military. In his absence, the mother creates a life-sized cardboard cut-out of her husband so she and her son can pretend as if he has returned home.
The Stolen Sock
Nationally aired on the Independent Film Channel
Winner - Cox & IFC Short Film Contest 2007
Top 10 Wacky & Weird - October 2007
Official Selection - 2008 Spark Film Festival
Official Selection - 2008 UNO Film Festival

A guy just trying to do his laundry gets challenged to a chess match by Death to win back his missing sock.
Official Selection - 2008 Outhouse Film Festival
Official Selection - 2008 UNO Film Festival

Homeless people are recycled into rechargeable power units for use in the modern suburban household in this satirical TV commercial. From blenders to vacuum cleaners, these Home Operated Backup Oscillators (H.O.B.O.s) are capable of supplying electricity wherever it’s needed via a power outlet installed into their bellies.
Best Screenplay - Outhouse Film & Video Festival
First Place Short Film Script - 2005 BEA Festival
Best Narrative Film - WestFest 5
Best Short Film - SOL Awards
Scariest Entry - San Antonio Film Slam
Official Selection - Realms Con

In the year 2050, a gang of prisoners tries to escape from an underground prison after infringing upon the new "Threats to National Stability Act." Adding to their troubles, a monster is rumored to lurk within the jail's dark tunnels.
Official Selection - Outhouse Film & Video Festival
Listed on the IFC Media Lab

Official Selection - Cookies Shorts Film & Video Festival

The experimental film ExEgEsIs illustrates what is possible through the manipulation of television feedback cycles and the many various effects that can be achieved by subtly altering the different variables involved - a simple process with intricate results.
The Dirty Sock

One man’s worst enemy is his own right sock who verbally berates him with every step. The sock unleashes such a tirade of insults that the poor guy just can’t take it anymore. What will he do?
Performing Arts - Filmmaking Golden Key Scholarship
Official Selection - Edgeworks Short Film Festival
Aired on Acadiana Open Channel

One man believes in choice. The other believes in fate. On his way towards the Gulf of Mexico, a hitchhiker is offered a lift by a truck driver, but his ride is cut short after they argue about whose respective ideology is correct.

A lonely old man uses a new artificial ultraperception device to bring his wife back to life. Sadly, he discovers for himself what the manual doesn't say.